Keurverslagen kynologenclub Rijnland 18 maart 2018


Datum: 18 maart 2018
Inschrijvingen: 5
Keurmeester: mw. S. Lepassaar
De keurrapporten zijn letterlijk overgenomen.

Kampioensklasse Reuen

1090 – Arderry Penny Red To Jaeva.  1 uitm. CAC/CACIB. Beste Reu. Beste van het Ras.
NHSB 3065647. Geb.: 14-04-2014. F.: D. Mounfield. V.: Ruby Rascal To Jaeva. M.: ArderryPenny For Your Thoughts. Eig. G. van Stuivenberg.
Excellent type. Correct size. Sparkling eyes. Strong jaws. Strong short back. Exc. Angulations. Moves parallel. Correct coat structure. Temperament!

Jeugdklasse Teven
1091 – Fine Words With Jaeva.  1 Uitm. Res. Cac
NHSB 3110652. Geb.: 10-05-2017. F.: KM Tate, V.: Jaeva Ready Reckoner. M.: JaevaGolden Mine. Eig.: R. Schmidt.
9 months. Coorect size. Exc. Bones. Well shaped skull. A bit prominent eyes. Strond back, a bit long in loins. Correct tailset. Exc. Angulations at stifle. Moves parallel. Correct coat structure.

1092Twice as Nice of Queensborough. 2 Uitm.
NHSB 3073958. Geb.: 27-02-2017. F. M. Brinkmann. V. Brymarden Starman. M.: MidnightDram of Queensborough. Eig.: I. van Loo & M. Brinkmann
Correct size. Enough bones. Exc. Dark eyes. Could be more filled under the eyes. Correct topline. Well spring of ribs. A bit straight in upper arm. Well angulated at rear. Moves well when she wants.Coat is still a bit soft.

Open Klasse teven.

1093 – Stardust of Queensborough. 1 Uit. CAC/CACIB. Beste Teef.
NHSB 3001487. Geb.: 14-04-2015. F./eig.: M. Brinkmann. V. Brymarden Starman. M.: Midnightdream of Queensborough.
Correct size. Well developed skull. Enough strong muzzle. Correct ear carriage. Exc. compact body. Well angulated. Moves parallel. Correct temperament. Correct coat.

1094 – Dourin’s Natasja. 2 uitm. Res. CACIB.
NHSB 3032769. Geb.: 03-02-2016. F./eig.: R. Grouwstra. V.: Dourin’s Bigos. M.: Dourin’sHarmony Love.
Excellent bones. Well shaped skull. Strong muzzle. Correct ear carriage. Short neck. Strong back. A bit long in loin. Moderate angulations. Moves with mediale steps. A bit close behind. Exc. Coat & temperament.