Keurverslagen De Winner Amsterdam 15 december 2018


Datum: 15-12-2018
Inschrijvingen: 7
Absent: 1
Keurmeester S. Frisk (SE_

Reuen Jeugdklasse

628 – Wielenshoeve Nashville   1 uitmuntend, Res. CAC
NHSB 3112326  geb.: 17-02-2018. F./eig.: R. Schmidt. V.: Jaeva Best Kept Secret. M.: Wielenshoeve Looks Who’s Talking.
9 months, nice breeding type, dark eyes, short muzzle, good topline, good angulation the rear, strong body, good bone and substance, good mover from the side, nice promising coat, excellent.

Reuen  Open klasse

629 – Dron Zamlicze  2 very good
PKR 79062. Geb.: 13-03-2016. F./eig.: J. Sumowski. V.: Jaeva Heads Up. M.: Drawa Zamlicze
2 years 9 month, good proportion could have more typical head, with a bit broader scull and move stop. Scissor bite, a bit round in the loin, good angulation in the rear, good body, moving wide in the front, good side mover, harsh coat, good temperament, very good.

630 –  Jeava Best Kept Secret.  1 uitmuntend , CAC/CACIB, Best opposite Sex.
NHSB 30911184. Geb.: 25-07-2016. F.: K.M. Tate. V.: Jaeva Bit O Bover. M.: Jaeva Keeping Secrets. Eig.: R. Schmidt
2 years, strong male, breed typical head, good expression, scissor bite, good neck and topline, strongchest, good angulation the rear, very nice bone and substance, moving nice and close in the front, nice side mover, good coat and temperament, excellent.

Reuen kampioensklasse

631 – Dyrektor Zamlicze   1 Excellent, res CACIB
PKR 76076  geb.: 12-12-2014. F./eig.: J. Sumowski. V.: Jaeva As, m.: Givenchy Lucky Lambo.
4 years strong proportion the body, dark eyes, could have a bit more stop. Scissor bite, good ear set, good topline and angulation, moving parallel up and down, good side mover, nice temperament, excellent.

Teven Jeugdklasse
632 – absent

633 – From Dash Mountain Farm’s Red Robin . 1 uitmuntend, CAC, Beste Junior, Best of Breed.
NHSB 3094958. Geb.: 27-08-2017. F./eig.: G. van Stuivenberg. V.: Jaeva Ready Reckoner. M.: Heiliruhannan Love Poem.
15 months very promising, lovely expression, scissor bite, good head type, very nice topline, standing well on all feet. Moving parallel. Very good mover, harch coat, very nice temperament, Excellent.


Teven Tussenklasse

634 – Fine Words With Jaeva  1 Uitmuntend,  res.CAC. CACIB
NHSB 3110652. Geb.: 10-05 2017. F.: KM Tate, V.: Jaeva Ready Reckoner. M.: Jaeva Golden Mine. Eig.: R. Schmidt
19 months,  good outline, nice expression, a little bit thin in the muzzle and bite, dark eyes. Good topline, good angulation the rear, could have more bone and substance, good mover, harch coat and good temperament, excellent.